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Originally Posted by ranni View Post
I have found out how to uploads images, as you can see the spots on the willow tree are many, the leaves get covered, then turn yellow and fall off. The Leaves on the sycamore are big deep black blotches, some of them have black blotches and others have like dark brown blotches.

My main concern is that of the ash tree (presumably it is an mountain ash), i am very concerned of this one as she is my pride and joy (roots and form) i was wandering if this was suffering from some kind of black spot or was it Ash Die Back (praying to god it is not and it can be sorted.) I have attached a picture of a mark on the trunk, there a few of these on it popping up i have noticed??

The tree's that seam the least infected are the oak's but are showing some signs of problem now.

I have now separated them.

Any help would be great
Thanks for reading

I have more pics if required - anything to get this problem sorted

Ranni x
It doesn't look like ash die back to me.

From your pictures it looks more like the fungus Rhytisma, which causes tar spots i.e. the black spots you can see.

An appropriate fungicidal spray may help, but before you start any treatment I'd space you trees out more as this fungus is transmitted in the leaves that fall off.