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Default Crimson Bottlebrush and allergies?

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Once upon a time on usenet SG1 wrote:
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Once upon a time on usenet wrote:
On Tuesday, October 28, 2008 at 7:54:59 AM UTC+10, Xilander Xinandu

does anyone here have any experience with allergic symptons after
working with flourishing Crimson Bottlebrush trees?

I read about symptoms similar to hay fever when sniffing the
flowers, but I am more wondering about a large rash after skin
contact with the tree or its flowers. Is that something that
others have experienced?

- Xilander

Yes, I have an allergy to Bottlebrush Trees, I have only just
discovered this and I am quite shocked about this as I have been
blaming my raised very red itchy, inflamed skin on insect bites as
the beginning of hives always start with spots like bites. I put the
Bottlebrush to the test by deliberately rubbing a flower against the
inside of my forearm to test if there is a reaction and sure enough
next morning I had very itchy, red, inflamed hives!

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