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Default Recommend a screening shrub/low tree?

On 01/06/2015 19:58, Chris Hogg wrote:
On 1 Jun 2015 17:21:35 GMT, Emery Davis wrote:

How about something like Elaeagnus x ebbingei? I have one that's yellow
and green variegated, it's a good grower and makes a thick screen.


I have two short and one long hedge of E. ebbingei. Yes it is a fast
grower. I usually cut mine mid to late summer. By late autumn, say
after three months, it has put out long straggly growths of up to four
feet. The following year I take three feet off the top, again, every
year, let alone what comes off the sides. The variegated ones such as
'Gilt Edge', 'Coastal Gold' and 'Limelight' may be a bit less
vigorous. Tiny white flowers, scented. I'm not sure they're totally

The scent is a good bonus with E. ebingii, really very pleasant and will
waft quite a way on a warm day, I find. I have the plain green version
which does grow relatively fast and seems as tough as old boots on our
light soil, giving a sort of silvery green effect, especially the
younger growth. The flowers are quite tiny and not particularly
noticeable so the lovely scent always catches us out every year as a
nice surprise.