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Originally Posted by told. . .@. . .com View Post
On Wednesday, July 8, 2015 at 4:25:01 PM UTC-4, yooser1 wrote:

I was given a Golden Memories rose a couple of years ago and it has
grown well with a good crop of golden yellow roses , but this year some
are pink in colour !
The buds start off as pink and continue to grow to full size still being
pink, the others start off as a yellow bud and grow into full size
golden yellow.
I am not a expert gardener , but my wife is a very keen gardener and she
is as surprised as I am.
I have attached a couple of photos to give an idea of what they look

Any ideas anyone ? We like the look as it's so strange.

Regards from Neale.

|Filename: Golden Memories Rose colour change.jpg |
|Filename: Golden Memories Rose colour change 02.jpg |


Many, if not most, of the roses sold today are grafted onto a root stock that's completely different than the variety you're buying. Check to see if the branch with the pink rose is coming from below the graft.
Many thanks for your reply , I've had a look and it looks as if the pink rose is coming from the same graft as the yellow ones , but I'll check tomorrow when the grandchildren are not 'helping me'
Regards from Neale.