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Default Glyphosate.

On Mon, 02 May 2016 07:57:09 +0800, Bloke Down The Pub wrote:

"F Murtz" wrote in message
If a disused weed filled garden has been nuked with glyphosate,how long
before it can be reinstated as a garden?

Although the glyphosate will kill the growing weeds there will/may still
be viable seeds just waiting for you to start your feeding the ground.
Last time I read a glyphosate bottle it told me that the chemical was
neutralised as soon as it in the dirt

Absolute bullshit. I've tried touch weeding selected weeds in a pot and
both plants ended up dying. been reported by others as well.

and GM crops are modified so that
they can be sprayed with the stuff.

The idea is that everything else is nuked.

Back from the shed my bottle says 7 day withholding period for edible
crops but that I can plant whenever I like.

It just has to survive the glychopospate. Large seed items houlkd have
less problems.