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Default Racoons and squirrels eating avocados

On Wed, 18 Jan 2017 16:30:38 -0800, "Newgene McMensa"

Well, the rascals are back. I don't mind them eating the fruit but there have been some raccoons caught around here with rabies. The squirrels run around like crazy - more than normal - there may be something wrong them too.

So the question is.... is there anything I can do to discourage them coming in the yard or backyard trees?

I hung some of the owls with glass eyes and I think that has worked near the owls, but not the rest of the tree.

Anyway, my goal is to keep them out of the year and the trees and not just scare them with decoys.

I thought about putting a solution of red pepper in one of those aspirator bottles you connect to a hose and spraying the trees and yard.

Anybody ever tried this? Or have another idea?

Squirrels are the easiest pesky critters to eliminate, a couple of
feral cats can easily clear forty acres of all rodents. For larger
critters trap and release works well... has excellent
traps, I think much better than Have-A-Heart. Occasionally I have an
invasion of a few possums, they are dumb so are easy to trap, I drive
them a few miles away and release them at a large dairy farm, there's
water and food. Once the adults are gone my feral cats take care of
their juveniles. Contrary to what many think true feral cats do not
hunt birds, they don't waste their time and effort hunting what will
fly off... rodents are much easier prey. It's the indoor-outdoor cats
that hunt birds for entertainment, it's rare they eat the birds they
catch. Feral cats subsist mostly on what they catch; rodents, frogs,
lizards, even some insects.