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Default Garden in France

"Chris Hogg" wrote in message

On Sun, 19 Feb 2017 07:43:17 -0000, "Mr Sandman"

Hi all,

I am looking for ideas for my French house's garden, ideally need to post
pictures of what is here now and describe my ideas and get feedback. An
online forum rather than usenet would be better if there are any good ones
you chaps can recommend? otherwise i can post some pics and link to them
here if this is the better place to get some advice from you kind people:-)

Any advice welcomed:-)



This newsgroup has many very well qualified contributors, amateur and
professional. It has to be one of the better sources of information on
the net. But France is a big country with many climatic regions.
Advice given will depend very much on where your house is; info on
some or all of North, South, coastal, Massif Centrale, max/min temps
and rainfall would all help with the advice given.



Thanks Chris, i will take some pics and put some thoughts together and get
back to the group.


Gardening in West Cornwall overlooking the sea.
Mild, but very exposed to salt gales

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