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Default Garden in France

"Jeff Layman" wrote in message news
On 19/02/17 07:43, Mr Sandman wrote:
Hi all,

I am looking for ideas for my French house's garden, ideally need to post
pictures of what is here now and describe my ideas and get feedback. An
online forum rather than usenet would be better if there are any good ones
you chaps can recommend? otherwise i can post some pics and link to them
here if this is the better place to get some advice from you kind

Any advice welcomed:-)



Look around you and see what others are growing. It will give you an
idea of what will grow in your area. For example, if you don't see any
rhododendrons, you can be pretty sure the ground is too alkaline. If
there are lots of prairie-type plants, then it is going to be hot and
dry in summer and the soil probably poor nutritionally and free-draining.

Visit local garden centres and see what they are offering. If there is a
long-established one locally, ask their advice about local growing
conditions and what plants do well.



Thanks Jeff. I have posted pics now, see other post. We are just north of
Bordeaux, have palms, olive trees ect, but winter is short but can be
cold -10c. On a hill so a bit exposed. Snow is rare but light. temps upto
42c in the summer, more commonly 32c.



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