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Default Garden in France

On 22/02/17 08:12, Mr Sandman wrote:

"Mr Sandman" wrote in message

Hi all,

I am looking for ideas for my French house's garden, ideally need to post
pictures of what is here now and describe my ideas and get feedback. An
online forum rather than usenet would be better if there are any good ones
you chaps can recommend? otherwise i can post some pics and link to them
here if this is the better place to get some advice from you kind people:-)

Any advice welcomed:-)



Hi all,

Here is a picture of the house from the lane at side of house. Just for

Here is a picture of the long fence as you drive up towards the house. It
needs someone doing to hide it or break it up and I'm not sure what to do
with it. I have put the odd rose up though...

Here is the main problem. This area at front of house we want to use in the
cooler weather but at the moment it's just a sitting area in the middle of
nowhere. I have had a suggestion to create some pergola or structure over
the seating to enclose it a little and create a little dappled shade, or
with a full roof, a nice sheltered area. Also extend the box shrubs behind
the seats somehow. I am thinking it would be nice to make this area into a
garden but with shrubs and trees etc coming out of the gravel?

View from house.

Any suggestions comment welcomed:-)

Many thanks,


The pics are helpful, but I have a couple of questions.

Firstly, what direction does that front wall face? I assume it's south
or west as you say you want to use it in cooler weather. Secondly,
what's under the gravel? If it's just weedproof membrane over soil then
you could plant in it. But if it's, for example, a few cm of gravel over
maybe 20 cm of compressed hardcore then very little will grow unless you
can dig out the hardcore and replace it with some soil.