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Default Garden in France

"Chris Hogg" wrote in message

On Thu, 23 Feb 2017 08:39:58 +0000, Jeff Layman
a lot of god advice snipped

In addition to everything Jeff said, you need to get some height in
there to provide a bit of interest and break up that 'flat'
appearance. In other words, a couple of trees. See what grows locally,
or is available in local garden centres. Pinus pinaster grows well in
the Landes Forest. Poplars also do well, apparently. But they'll not
be instant solutions.

For more ideas in the Bordeaux region, see

You might even consider a grape or two on the fence.



Gardening in West Cornwall overlooking the sea.
Mild, but very exposed to salt gales

Thanks both for your help.

So, for the fence, grow stuff on it as suggested? and may be a tree or two
planted near to it to break up the length? You can see from the pictures i
have recently planted a few trees in the garden but they will take a few
years to really make their mark.

for the seating area, a wooden pergola with wisteria growing up each leg.
and what about the area behind the seats in front of the fence? just a
selection of shrubs of various sizes to hide the fence and 'frame' the area
a bit? as its all pebble ground there, i really want to avoid leaves being
dropped, so maybe mostly ferns of varying types?

Thanks for the advice:-)



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