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Default Garden in France

On Thu, 2 Mar 2017 08:06:50 Mr Sandman wrote:

So, for the fence, grow stuff on it as suggested? and
may be a tree or two planted near to it to break up the
length? You can see from the pictures i have recently
planted a few trees in the garden but they will take a
few years to really make their mark.

Why not try a bougainvillea which you see happily scrambling across
fences and walls from the Loire southwards? Very pretty! I would have
mentioned it a few days ago but had forgotten the name!

By the way, I had difficulty in replying to you as you posted your reply
below the tear line (two hyphens and a space) and some mail readers
don't include it in the quote.

David Rance writing from Caversham, Reading, UK