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Default Choisya ternata 'Sundance'

On 16/04/2017 18:25, Chris Hogg wrote:
On Sun, 16 Apr 2017 17:28:11 +0100, Indigo
After removing an overgrown Eleagnus ebbingei I'd now like to sort the
cleared area out and thinking about moving an established Choisya - it's
about 3' x 3' or so. Was wondering if I'm on a hiding to nothing and
likely to kill it stone dead, or whether it's something that wouldn't
object too much to being transplanted.


AIUI Choisya will take hard pruning, and after flowering is the best
time to do it. This will also relieve the stress on the roots, as they
will be disturbed by the move and not functioning as well, so the less
leafy growth they have to support, the better. Choisyas also move
easily, so no real problems there. But if it were mine, after cutting
it hard back and before attempting to move it, I'd go all round it
with a sharp spade, and cut straight down, about 18 inches out from
the main stem, to sever long roots. Then I'd water it and leave it a
few weeks to recover and perhaps make fresh roots within the circle.


Thanks for the detailed advice, Chris - much appreciated.

I've cut this Choisya fairly hard back a couple of times before and it's
always responded well, so I think it could bounce back from pruning
again, but I was a bit nervous about actually digging up and replanting
such an established shrub. I'll do my best to follow instructions.

In the meantime I'd better do some soil improvement as the now departed
Eleagnus must have depleted that area; it used to grow like the clappers!