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Default OT - new weed

On 5/29/2017 11:51 PM, songbird wrote:
Frank wrote:

Posted as OT but r.gardens got no response. So maybe help here.

Weed invading banks in back of house. This one crowding out vinca
minor. About yard long, budding, stickers around leaves. Pulls easily
with long thin root. Put through Google images and it says wood and
picture of bank comes back as grass.

i saw your post there but have no id for
it, just that it seems simlar to a weed
we see here too, but i always pull any that
shows up since we don't really need any more
invasive weed problems.

unfortunately i'm horrible at plant id
unless i have studied the plant in question
enough for it to stick in my noodle.


Thanks for the look. I think it was you that identified Japanese stilt
grass for me a few years ago.

My wife wants to know what it is but I don't think that would help as
only solution may be to pull it. Like the stilt grass it looks like an
annual and may respond to pre emergent next year.