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Default OT - new weed

Frank wrote:
Thanks for the look. I think it was you that identified Japanese stilt
grass for me a few years ago.

not too likely... one of the geniuses here
did that.

My wife wants to know what it is but I don't think that would help as
only solution may be to pull it. Like the stilt grass it looks like an
annual and may respond to pre emergent next year.

you will certainly want to get it chopped
and raked up before it drops seeds if you can
as that will help prevent it spreading. i'm
having to do that now with some grasses
before they drop seeds and i have a much worse
problem next season.

sow thistle and the other purple flowering
globe thistle are a pest here for me along with
a few other plants and all grasses i would
happily get rid of, but we still have some bits
of lawn that get mowed. they actually create
more work for me having to weed them out if i
could get rid of all the lawn, but i'm not to
that point yet here (i'd probably have to be
the owner instead of just helping out ).
ah well, i can dream right?...