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Default OT - new weed

On 5/30/2017 9:30 AM, Frank wrote:
On 5/30/2017 8:50 AM, songbird wrote:
Frank wrote:
My wife wants to know what it is but I don't think that would help as
only solution may be to pull it. Like the stilt grass it looks like an
annual and may respond to pre emergent next year.

p.s. we have thyme we use as a ground cover.
there are a few different kinds, but they seem
to do well at helping keep other weeds down.
they do need to be weeded, but i'd rather weed
than mow any time. i'm hoping to start taking
starts and spreading them around the edges of
the grassy areas so they can take over. i just
need to somehow get Mum to mow a little higher.


Deer are a big problem. They eat things like ivy, crown vetch and
hostas. Unfortunately they do not eat these weeds. Lot of my neighbors
have abandoned their back yards, very hilly lots, and let nature take
over but my wife wants to keep it tame.

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Definitely in that family.