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Default My Raccoon Doesn't Seem To Like Antifreeze

replying to Red Green, Coonkiller wrote:
You DID GOOD JACK!!! Red Green I hope you get Raccoons like I did that
destroyed $400.00 in bird feeders, tore up my back door screen, broke 4
hummingbird feeders in the $25-30 range EACH. I first live trapped them and
relocated. The Wild Life people said they will die anyway because they do nor
eat out of their own territory, I trapped and shot 3 in the head with a .22
and enjoyed every minuet of it. I hope I can get them to eat some antifreeze!
The wild life people won't come get them. The Sheriff office said do what you
have to do. So Red Green, I will send them to you to love and kiss and feed
and you can loose over $1,000.00 in your yard and let them run YOU out of your
own property.

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