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Default october already!

On 10/1/2017 8:43 AM, songbird wrote:

in other news, still picking and shelling beans,
the rains we so sorely needed were not really wanted
now with the beans finishing up, but that is usual
for me and the later fall. the push-pull of wanting
rains because when it is too dry some of the gardens
are too hard to do much with (the rest are much
nicer now after years of planting, amending and
giving the worms plenty to work with) and the desire
for things to be dry so that the beans won't rot or
start sprouting in the pods before i can get them
picked. it really hasn't been a great year for the
beans. strange weather, high heat, storms at just
the wrong times, cold spells, etc... the plight of
a gardener. i have planted enough varieties that
i'm getting some return for my efforts but it is a
fraction of what a normal year can be like (was hoping
for between 50-100 lbs, will be more like 30lbs) most
plants the pods are empty or only a few pods have
beans. at least the ones i was most worried about
not having anything from i have been able to find
some pods with beans in them now to restock a little
of the seed supply. they are a very nice thin green
bean and the seeds are long and narrow and they are
apparently very finicky about setting seeds. i
could have eaten a lot more of the beans but i left
almost all of them because i wanted to restock the
seed supply.

ok, enough rambles, time to get busy, ...


* While you're on beans ... I'll be getting a package of seed off to
you soon , just a few more days to finish picking this year's field peas
.. Nothing did well here but the Red Rippers , which is the only variety
I'll plant next year . I'll send whatever else (along with some fresh RR
seed) I've got , including some of the bush beans we discussed earlier .
If there's anything else you'd like , I'll send some if I got it .

* --

* Snag