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Default october already!

Terry Coombs wrote:
* While you're on beans ... I'll be getting a package of seed off to
you soon , just a few more days to finish picking this year's field peas
. Nothing did well here but the Red Rippers , which is the only variety
I'll plant next year . I'll send whatever else (along with some fresh RR
seed) I've got , including some of the bush beans we discussed earlier .
If there's anything else you'd like , I'll send some if I got it .

no field peas thanks, none have ever done well
up here (or anything in that family including
adzuki beans which i really like ).

you did finally get an e-mail from me then?
i wasn't sure what happened there, and gave up.

no worries and no rush. i won't be planting
until next April/May.

what kinds of other beans do you grow? it's
really been an interesting season this time

*waiting for paint to dry before the last coat
of the day*