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Default october already!

On 10/14/2017 12:02 PM, songbird wrote:
George Shirley wrote:
songbird wrote:

Send some over here, after two hurricanes and 60 inches of rain a while
back we haven't had much rain lately.

this is finally restoring the balance here,
but if i were to send it anywhere it would be
to California to put out the fires.

With the governor they have I would prefer the state become it's own
country and leave the real Americans alone. I had relatives out there
but they all moved away as the left wing took over.

I would gladly give you some of our 91F days here in October for low 40s
with some rain.

no thanks! we've had enough of those already.
two more weeks of frost-free weather would be nice.

I would gladly send you some Houston area heat if we could round it up
and point it. Fall garden is mostly in, wife takes care of that nowadays
and I get to pick the kumquats, they're starting to turn orange and I
need more kumquat jelly and preserves.

i've never had one, never tasted jelly or
preserves. wouldn't know what they even
looked like other than you just said orange.

The fruit starts blooming early on and the fruit is ready to pick in the
fall when it turns a deep orange. I'm the only one in the family that
will eat them raw as they are quiet tangy, mostly do other things with
them. I worry about this crop as they tree shed it's fruit in January
2017 due to heavy freezes back to back. Just hope they get ripe this time.

George, who can't sleep in, probably because I worked shift work for
sixteen years a long time ago. Nowadays my best friends are costly
doctors, I didn't intend to live this long.

i'd like to sleep in until a bit later in
the morning now that it is dark enough out, but
i seem to have turned into a morning person by
accident. in the older days i'd more likely see
morning by being up all night. now i try to get
to sleep by midnight or thereabouts.

at least i did get the truck moved and the
tiles out of the ditch before they could get
washed into the bigger ditch.

wasn't raining for a while, but the drippy-
drops are back.


The dog let me sleep until 0615 this morning and I was grateful enough
to go ahead and feed her. She gets 1/3 of a cup of dog food each day and
she is positive I am starving her to death. Dogs will literally eat
until they fall over if allowed. I eat three small meals a day and still
have a pot belly. My pot belly is smaller than my wife's, she claims
it's bloat but, if you watched her eat you could see where the belly
comes from. She claims it's our big babies, yeah, one was 7lbs, 7 oz.
the other was 8 lbs, 8 oz. Now both the kids are in middle fifties and
weigh more than I do at 207. Both have good jobs and families and don't
bug us much so I'm happy. I left home at 17 to go in the Navy and my
kids got free rides to college, etc. so we moved overseas so they
wouldn't come over so much. G