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Default a few bean pics

On 10/22/2017 12:29 PM, songbird wrote:
George Shirley wrote:
songbird wrote:

i've never needed it. my body seems to
adapt to them just fine. it does help if you
don't start on them all at once, but just
gradually add them to the diet and increase
a little as you go...

the other thing is that many people cook
them with a lot of spices and other things
and so if there is any extra gas produced
they really notice it. we don't often do
that instead we just boil them plain and
then use them later (and freeze some too
for other times) in other dishes or as a
filler. Mom puts some on her salads, i just
eat 'em plain or with a little hot sauce
and butter on them.

We do about the same, cook the beans with a bit of salt and pepper, then
aid whatever we want when done and ready to eat. My favorites are large
lima, and pinto beans. Sometimes black beans, etc., etc. My favorite is
lima beans cooked with ham hock or just chunks of ham, toss in some
chopped onions, maybe some chopped sweet peppers, put over brown rice,
and a wee bit of hot sauce for more flavor. The other way is pinto beans
with all the fancy stuff over cornbread, again a little hot sauce, wife
always leaves out the hot sauce. Would think that after 50 odd years in
the south that Maryland girl could get used to a little heat. G

Mom has no heat tolerance either. i squirt
the hot sauce in my hot chocolate to give it a

i'd gotten away from hot foods long enough
that i'd lost most of my tolerance, but after
starting with just a few drops of sriracha
sauce at a time i can take that pretty full
strength now. which was a good thing because
the other weekend we grilled out at one of my
brother's place and had green chili cheese-
burgers. delicious. and the heat didn't
over do it at all. my sister in law is from
New Mexico and i have other relatives out
there besides, so ever since i first discovered
New Mexican green chili i've loved that style
of cooking and had various relatives teach me
their recipes. i love it all.

My heat level is more like Louisiana Hot Sauce, at my age I can handle a
bit of it but the hot stuff just messes me up for a few days. I, too,
once had relatives, an uncle, in New Mexico, he and all his family are
now gone. I don't know if any of them even had kids or not down the
line. The Shirley line is mostly Louisiana and Texas now and I've lost
knowing where most cousins, etc. have gone off to. Found some the other
day on Ancestry, looks like I have about a few thousand cousins here and
yon. I just wanted to know where I came from, mostly Europe, big gang
from England, 1% Native American but my folks always claimed a lot, and
1% African. Just a regular old 'merican, wife is the same but no native
or african, mostly German and English. Now my kids don't have to spit in
a bottle. G I suspect the Native American low is that both the
Cherokee and the Choctaw tribes took in the whites a very long time ago
and blended all.

we don't really eat meat that often these
days though. maybe twice a week for me has been
normal. when i'm working hard outside i
certainly crave it.

About three times a week for us, many evenings I just eat cereal with
milk and be done with it.

She's at her church bazaar today hoping to sell some of her watercolors,
generally she does well with church bazaar's. Me and the dawg are going
to be napping in the peace and quiet.

i hope she does well.

She is a good water colorist but sometimes folks want something else.
Our daughter came by to see me today after visiting her mother at the
bazaar and we had a nice visit for a change.

nothing wrong with a bit of a siesta. i am
at a good spot to take a little break here with
my project today. all the heavy digging is done
and the clay/subsoil has been moved out, so now
i get to finish up with the light stuff and then
transplant and water some strawberries. that
should only take a few hours to get done. i was
hoping this project was going to be done before
the end of September... hahaha...

the good thing though is now i'll never have
do deal with that clay in this particular garden
again. just will have to keep amending the top
part and add whatever organic matter and it should
keep perking along. the worms will be much
happier. it's about 50% decayed woodchips and
other humus/dirt, and the rest is mixed in topsoil
with some of that clay and whatever sand i added
to that garden that i could scrape up and put
aside. the soil is so light it actually bounces
a bit when i poke it. if i tried to poke the clay
i'd break a finger. so those strawberries will be
much happier and also just to be thinned out and
replanted from younger plants instead of ones that
have been in the same spot for five or six years.

I wish I could get out and dig in what passes for dirt here, bad back
and failing legs have shot that down. I get to pick stuff occasionally
and I do a goodly part of the cooking and cleaning. My mother and the US
Navy taught me how to clean, cook, and put everything right. Where I
grew up you either worked or you didn't eat. And I have always liked to
eat. G

when i get done today, i've been planning on
making a large burger by putting the slab in the
middle of a grilled cheese sandwhich on homemade
bread and Mom made chili and stuffed green peppers
today. a feast, but i can't eat that much, the
burger and a little chili on it might be enough.
she also made apple crisps this morning. she's
been busy.


I've got about a half loaf of the bread I made early this week. My old
bread cutter stand has gone to the dump, now I have to get another one
as when I cut just on a board my piece of bread is thin at the top and
wide at the bottom. Plus this last loaf was to tall to use two slices so
we're cutting the slice in the middle and making it two slices.
Sometimes I get carried away with my cooking.