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Default Where is everyone?

On Tuesday, November 7, 2017 at 5:21:58 PM UTC-5, T wrote:
On 11/07/2017 05:23 AM, George Shirley wrote:
Surely we Texan's are not the only gardeners still gardening! We are
still getting warm days here in early November. Today at 0710 the
temperature is 72F and expected to rise to 82F.

Ball and chain around my leg updating computers.

In the words of Bugs Bunny, "It's a living"

My favorite delivery of that line was in Rocky I where Rocky is confronted by the crusty old trainer in the gym. Quotations approximate but give the gist of the exchange.

Rocky: Why don't you like me?

Trainer: You had talent, you could have been a contender, but now you just beat up people for some cheap hood!

Rocky: It's a living.