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Nyssa wrote:
Is it the acid in the tomato that causes you problems?

i wish it was, but no, it is something else and not
a digestive problem, it ends up being a skin rash. i
can get away with a slice of tomato here or there or
a squirt of ketchup on a burger once in a while, but
that is about it.

i had a sloppy joe today, first one in a few years,
i'll be interested to see how close to the line i came
and if i skirted it or not... last year i had lasagna
for a week and i did pay for that, but it was worth it.

I seem to remember reading several years ago about some
varieties of tomatoes that are bred to be lower acid than
"standard" or heirloom varieties. That was back when they
began recommending home canners add acid in the form of
lemon juice, vinegar, or ascorbic acid granules to their
home-canned tomatoes before processing.

yes. i'm pretty aware of acid/non-acid issues in
food processing because we only do non-pressure cooked
items. pickles, tomatoes and tomato juice are what we
do the most of these days. anything low acid gets

If the acid is causing you problems, perhaps trying to
grow a few of the low-acid varieties might give you some
relief and allow you to enjoy your old recipes.

Just a thought.

Nyssa, who still hasn't found an affordable type of fencing
for her garden beds

we've managed to get lucky a few times and have other
people give us their fences. it is hodge-podge looking
in places, but ...