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Default Re-powering a tiller

"Terry Coombs" wrote in message
On 3/2/2018 9:22 PM, wrote:
Terry Coombs wrote:

So I get on eBay , and there's a guy selling 6 hp Honda "OHC"
motors for around a hundred bucks . Most likely it's an OHV motor , but
still it's probably twice what that B&S put out when new .

It's for sure a OHV engine but Honda does offer residential and
commercial SOHC engines intended for pressure washers and the like so
the seller's description may be correct.

It turns out he is in fact correct . I had no idea the technology had
trickled down to lawn mowers . Actually this motor came from a pressure
washer that had a bad pressure pump . Looks like new , except that you can
tell some stickers have been peeled off . Bet a quarter I've got the only
single overhead cam tiller in The Holler ...

It is always good to be proven wrong on a positive note. All you need to do
now is organise a tractor pull but limit the entry to tillers.