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Default Warming mats and root development

* Is there a correlation ? I've put the mat back under a selection of
the seedlings that seem to be lagging in that department . The ones that
were on there are doing well ... of course the ones that are behind were
planted about 2 weeks later . Today I moved everything (that I hadn't
already)over into 3" square pots . There was a wide variation in root
development - and not all can be attributed to the temperature/time in
ground , the Beefsteak toms were in the first round planted , were on
the mat , and had marginal root development compared to the Roma's
(which I transplanted over a week ago) planted at the same time .

* Even with the mat I'm only batting .500 for pepper germination .*
Serranos came up pretty quick , I was ready to toss the orange bells
when they peeped their little leaves up . The jalapenos and Anaheims
still haven't shown and it's been like a month . Note - the anaheim ,
big bell , orange bell , and jalapeno peppers were all planted in peat
pot cells . I've always had lousy luck with those , but I had 'em on
hand ... Everything else was in plastic - next year it'll be all new ,
these are hammered to death . Anybody know of a source for those deep
ones that commercial seedlings come in ? Using those I wouldn't have to
move seedlings to 3" from the starter cells . Less stress , and happier
seedlings .

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