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Default So far so good

On 4/22/2018 7:26 PM, songbird wrote:
Terry Coombs wrote:

¬* Put all my tomato seedlings in the ground yesterday using the
"posthole" method . Used¬* my post hole digger to make the holes , worked
great . So far , they all look pretty good , nobody is layin' on the
ground wailing for a safe place or a coloring book ... Looks like
Tuesday will be my next opportunity to plant seedlings , it got rainy .
Temps are pretty decent though , which is what helped me decide to plant
the 'maters .

still too cold here at night. but the trend is
finally nice enough. tomorrows forecast is for 70F
and sunny. Tuesday rain. all night-time temperatures
are above 34F for the next week for first time this
spring. if i get another two weeks of gradual warming
i may risk planting some peas.

in all of the years of transplanting tomatoes i don't
recall losing many, if any at all. they seem to be
pretty hardy plants as long as it doesn't get too cold.


¬* I watch the forecast closely now . One year I took it for granted the
"last frost date" was gospel . Planted based on that date and all my
tomatoes got frosted . Had to replace about a third of them with store
bought shudder seedlings . I did buy some seedlings this year , but my
source is all heirloom and minimal chemicals . On another note , I have
a partial roll of stock fencing that in conjunction with the 3 fence
posts I have left over should make a pretty nice trellis for those
greasy beans . I think this year I'm going to set up something for the
field peas to climb instead of letting them ramble all over the ground .
I still haven't got everything mapped out where what goes , gotta work
on that , make sure I still have room .

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