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Default So far so good

Terry Coombs wrote:
I planted most of the center section yesterday . Four rows about 2 feet
apart and 40 feet long , one is half white greasy beans and half red
rippers , a third of the other three are given over to vine stuff , one
was finished out with all the peppers and two have 2/3 left for later
stuff . Okra for instance won't germ until it warms up more , and I'm
not sure what else I'll plant .

i sure hope the beans work out well for you down there.

do you measure soil temperatures at all?

i do, in that i stick my finger in the dirt once
in a while to see how cold it is.

i have nine new varieties to trial this season including
a single bean and am pretty nervous about planting it since
it will be the only chance i get at this one this season.
i have some wire mesh to go around it to protect it from
groundhogs/chipmunks/rabbits even if it is going to be inside
the fenced area there is always a chance of a critter finding
a way in. i'd like to be able to get it to a few feet tall
and the wire mesh i have will do that for me.

we drove up north yesterday to pick up some stuff and
there is still snow on the ground and some of the lakes
are still frozen over.

when working on my project out back the other day the
hole still had some snow at the bottom from the storm
we had last week.

i'm not sure what i'm up to today out there, i have a
pile of old wooden pallets to bust apart and pull out the
nails (don't like finding those the hard way later on).