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Default gradually getting there...

On Thursday, May 10, 2018 at 6:56:33 PM UTC-4, songbird wrote:
had a nice rain/thunder/lightning storm last night,
made sure yesterday to have plenty of materials on-hand
for projects i can do on a rainy day.

it didn't rain today but was gloomy and threatening
several times, as i'd just finished up weeding one
garden yesterday afternoon i was ready to take a break
anyways. so i worked on making different stairs so
Mom can get in and out easier. i still have to get the
railing height settled but needed Mom here to make sure
it wasn't too high or too low.

otherwise, gardens are doing ok, i also have more
fence on order. too many deer coming through this
year and i've found a few deer ticks already. normally
i don't find any. new fence will also help with the
rabbits and groundhogs. won't be able to do the entire
border this year, but should get the worst areas blocked
this year and then next year finish up.

haven't planted yet, but getting close to doing
cucumbers. we're still having frosts/frost warnings so
i won't be planting any of the warm weather crops for
several weeks yet at the soonest. peas and onion seeds
i may start scratching some in here or there when i get
a chance.

the other rainy day project is to fix the garden shed
which is attached to the back of the garage (and thus also
attached to the house). the walls inside there were
never finished properly and mice can use that as an access
for getting in the walls.

emptying the garden shed mostly happened this morning.
wasn't too bad since most of the decorations and plants
were already removed and put out in their spots. i'm not
sure if we'll ever find the rain gauge...

first hummingbird seen today.

strawberries blooming.


We had severe thunderstorm warnings this afternoon but the major rain passed to the north of us. We got a few drops, not even enough to wash the oak pollen off the cars. I hope we get some soon, I'm hoping that the grass in the north pastures grows up before the sheep eat all the grass in the south pastures, where they're currently confined.