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Default gradually getting there...

On 5/11/2018 7:24 AM, songbird wrote:
Terry Coombs wrote:
My tomato plants are getting up to around 18" tall now , the white
greasy's are about 4" tall as are the red rippers . I reseeded a cou[le
of gaps in the peas/beans today , set the cages on 2 dozen tomato plants
and planted a 20' row of the Mattie Beane bush beans today .

i'm glad they're sprouting for you. still frost warnings
here. ugh... tomatoes we won't plant until the soil is much
warmer as they'll just sit there waiting for warmth anyways.

I have one
20 foot row left to plant when the soil warms just a bit more , reserved
for okra and maybe a vine crop of some sort . I finished the straw mulch
a couple of days ago , sure makes a difference in moisture loss !

and once it gets a bit broken down and worked in it will also
help retain more water in the soil.


* I've already tilled a couple of layers into the soil , it's made a
world of difference in moisture retention . Coupled with rows that cut
across the slope of the land it lets most of the rain soak in rather
than running off .

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