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Default gradually getting there...

In article

I've gotten four tomato plants out in one of the main garden
beds. I ended up putting a large tomato cage over each one,
then wrapping bird netting around each cage. The deer have
been visiting and one managed to find a gap in one net and
chomp the top and several side leaves off of my Roma tomato
plant. I have re-jiggered the netting so there shouldn't
be a repeat of that.

How strange. I guess I've been lucky, but I've never had a problem
with the deer (white tail) eating my tomato plants. They'll strip
the fruit given half a chance.

The deer fence is currently down, as I tilled earlier this week.
I need to get it back up before the deer get any ideas.

The deep even tried tasting one of the marigold plants I
put in the same bed, but decided that those weren't as
tasty and just put some foot prints nearby instead.

Our deer will eat just about anything with a flower on it.

My plans for trying a row of green beans will be to plant
the seeds, then put tall stakes at each end, run a line of
string, then use bird netting as a tent over the tow. We'll
see how well that works once they sprout.

Any more inexpensive ideas for discouraging Bambi and his

I haven't tried it, but I've read that putting white rags at deer
height discourages white tail deer. They have terrrible vision and
mistake the white for a flipped up tail, which is their alert

On ornimentals, I've had good luck with the rotten egg based sprays
(Liquid Fence in my case), at least in the spring. When drought
hits, all bets are off.

Oh, and a few rabbits have gotten curious about the netting
around the mater plants and have tried digging under them.
Silly wabbits!

And still to come, the Canada geese who have decided a nearby
pond is perfect for them have now presented the neighborhood
with 10 new goslings. More honking and pooping to look forward
to as they grow. argh!

Saw my first goslings of the season just this morning. The geese
don't come around my house, so I find the puffballs adorable. I
felt different when I lived next to a pond.

Nyssa, who is fighting a war against the animal kingdom

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