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Default gradually getting there...

Nyssa wrote:
Any more inexpensive ideas for discouraging Bambi and his

no only a good fence (6ft or higher) has worked for us. i
have 200ft more on order this week so i can run it along the
north edge of the property. next year we'll do the other
side. we've been getting by up to now using bits and pieces
of recycled other people's fences but there a gaps and holes
that the deer keep finding. i decided this year if i'm
spending all this time on these other gardens which are
currently outside the fences we have for the vegetable
gardens that i should have a better fence. also, i've found
a few deer ticks this year and with the deer being around
almost every night now i don't like those at all.

netting isn't strong enough and rabbits and other creatures
chew through it.

a good fence is cheaper than dogs, guns, sprays, etc. in
the long run.

Oh, and a few rabbits have gotten curious about the netting
around the mater plants and have tried digging under them.
Silly wabbits!

And still to come, the Canada geese who have decided a nearby
pond is perfect for them have now presented the neighborhood
with 10 new goslings. More honking and pooping to look forward
to as they grow. argh!

Nyssa, who is fighting a war against the animal kingdom

deer, groundhogs, chipmunks, rabbits are the main problem
children here (we don't grow sweet corn so raccoons are ok
they don't bother much at all here). voles can be an issue
at times, but not seen any the past few years. i think the
snake population gets a lot of them.

no pond here for geese to find attractive. sometimes we
have blue and green herons wading in the big ditch which goes
through our property. i'm going to have to fence or armor
the edge of the ditch as the groundhogs keep wanting to put
their den back in there. it's too close to the gardens for
me to want them to be around.