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Default may get some plants in soon

On 5/25/2018 8:17 AM, Nyssa wrote:
Terry Coombs wrote:

On 5/25/2018 12:04 AM, songbird wrote:
perhaps that is why they call it May?


Well you better hurry up , or you May find it's already
June ... I have 'maters that are almost 3 feet tall now ,
the lettuce patch has kicked into high gear , and a couple
of days ago I planted some anaheim pepper seedlings I got
from the co-op . They are also doing well - I've never
been able to grow these from seed , whether planted out or
started in trays . And the bees are blowin' up , I'll be
checking them today to see if they need more storage space
. Also be looking for queen cells from the last splits ,
with an eye to starting a couple more colonies . Those
will probably need to be fed , since the spring nectar
flow is going to be coming to an end soon .

Bzz, bzz, bzz!

I've only gotten one bed planted so far (out of 8) with
four tomato plants which have been caged and heavily
wrapped in netting to keep the deer out. But Bambi is
determined and managed to find enough of a gap in two
of 'em after high winds to chomp down the middle of
two of the plants. (Both are Italian varieties making
me wonder if it's an Italian deer I've re-wrapped the
plants and so far, so good. I've also got several marigolds
planted in the bed around and between the tomatoes hoping
that will further discourage the buggers.

We also had a week of heavy rain last week which pushed
back any garden or yard work, so I've been catching up on
the mowing.

A visit to a Big Box store with hopes of finding a few
bargain plants was a wasted effort. sigh

I did have some herb seedlings I'd started under my plant
light, so those have gone outside in pots. I'm planning on
filling two large pots with my special soil mix for carrots.
I can't plant carrots or other root crops in the main beds
because of voles nibbling anything available.

I'm hoping to plant some green beans and come up with a
netting plan to save them from being deer food, but another
round of rain and storms are due in on Sunday and go into
next week.

With all the rain we've been getting, I'm considering changing
my hobby from vegetable gardening to boating.

Nyssa, who thinks she's growing webbing between her toes
because of all the rain we've had this spring

* My solution is to use a fence made up of 24" chicken wire at the
bottom , with 6" turned flat to the ground on the outside , with 3
strands of electrified wire above . The one time I caught a rabbit in
the garden it was because I left the "gate" open . No sign of deer
inside at all - nor bears ... The bee yard is annexed to the garden now
and shares the fencing system . I had a hive damaged by a bear last
spring , since it's been inside an electric fence we've had no further
problems . I was kinda mean , when I first installed electric fence
around the (former) bee yard I baited it with bacon ... and I can tell
you from personal (accidental) contact with that fence , it HURTS . I
think it must work for 'coonsand 'possumstoo , there's no way to get
over the chicken wire without contacting a hot wire .

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