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Default may get some plants in soon

On 05/27/2018 04:41 AM, songbird wrote:
T wrote:
songbird wrote:
purselane starting up yet?

One little tiny sprout!

ours are just starting to show up, millions more i'm

i was hoping to get some beans planted today but
with last night's heavy rain and more rain this morning
i'm going to take the next two days off. forecast is
for 91F both days.

gardens planted yesterday morning is good enough start
for me. normally we plant about this time and then i
fill in any gaps with beans into early or even mid-June


There has been a thunderstorm every day for the past week
here too. Everything is pretty muddy.

I planted a bunch of radish seeds and onion seeds:

Imai Early Yellow Onion:

Bora King, Hybrid Korean Radish (purple):

Big Time, Hybrid Korean Radish (white) (had larger blue seeds ):

Four radish sprouted and zero onions. Me thinks I
need a different supplier.


On the other hand, the potato onions I over wintered
and going great guns. And the garlic never died
off over winter.