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Default may get some plants in soon

On 05/29/2018 03:40 AM, songbird wrote:
T wrote:
On 05/27/2018 09:03 PM, songbird wrote:
when did you plant them?

I planted the onion seeds in the fall. They are suppose
to "over winter" and love cold and ice.

after they sprout perhaps, but i've not heard before of
planting onion seeds in the late fall. did you plant
them in the early fall before the rains and frosts came

This variety of onion is suppose to be planted in the fall.
If memory serves me right, I planted then in late November
on a warm day.

I planted the radish seeds about five weeks ago. They
are also suppose to love it cold.

I have no problem with regular radishes, just these
Korean ones. Regular radishes sprout like weeds!

Korea may not be noted for cold, so perhaps it was
a bit too early for those. not sure. here we had
a long and very cold winter with repeated freeze/thaw
cycles, they may not have liked that...

My potato onions failed last year because of that.
This year the love it.

I am zone 6b. There are a lot of 6b's in South Korea

But I do not know exactly where these radishes are grown
in Korea.

you could put some in again and see if they sprout
same with onion seeds.

Good idea!

My garlic love it freezing cold and snow and ice.
I plant them in the fall.

yes, mine are growing well. i've never been able
to kill it (not that i want to ).


Fresh garden garlic. Proof God love us!