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Default may get some plants in soon

On 05/31/2018 10:11 AM, T wrote:
On 05/30/2018 09:29 AM, songbird wrote:
T wrote:
Now that it is getting hotter, more radishes are popping
up.* Hmmmm.** Maybe I am being impatient.

** radishes are pretty quick to sprout but i'm
not familiar at all with the ones you've planted.

No sigh of the onions tough.* I will reseed.

** good luck!*

** songbird

These radishes are YUGE.* And not hot and nasty
like our radishes.

Onions are reseeded.

Tomatoes and peppers are in.

Ground pots have been turned over, awaiting seeding.

Figured out why some of my ground pots are not so
productive: rocks.* When I turned them over, I found
the low producers where only 6" deep and had rocks
in the bottom.* Apparently, I had got tied and ignored
the rocks.* I find that ~ 14" deep is perfect.* And,
now when I hit rocks that are too hard to dig up, I
pour a gallon of water in the hole and wait a half
hour.* (It doesn't go down.)* Then they are easy to
dig up.* So all my ground pts are proper depth now.

Today when I get home from work, the goal is to
plant my zuke seeds.

I am using "a lot" of organic fertilize this year too.

Oh ya, and my Blood Glucose dropped to 89 mg/dl. Gardening
is really good from my T2 Diabetes. Drug free going on
5 years now.