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Default Too Wet!

Pavel314 wrote:
I was complaining that we weren't getting enough rain on the pastures, then we had about two weeks of almost steady rain. You might have seen the videos of the terrible floods in Ellicott City, Maryland. They're at about 9:00 to central Baltimore and we're located at about 1:00, about the same distance out.

it was pretty toasty for a while and i'm sure glad it has
moderated the past several days.

I'm sure that in a few weeks I'll be complaining about the lack of rain again.

Went out to the garden this morning; looks like a good year for cabbage, which is great, because we're out of home made sauerkraut. We might even have enough red cabbage to make some red kraut, although my wife finds that weird. If weeds were a cash crop, we'd be very wealthy dirt farmers.

yum, love cabbage and kraut. growing cabbage here, it
must be caged, no free-range cabbages here, the caterpillars
go to town on it and i don't like to use any sort of sprays
on my veggies. i tried growing it one season and spent way
too much time each day trying to pick off all the eggs and
caterpillars. even with the help of the wasps (which will
use them for feeding their larva) searching the plants i
still ended up with several heads rotten from the damage.

i like how the red cabbage can be used as an indicator
for pH.

Had the sheep shorn last week.

i used to know someone who did that for a living
in Australia. i know i could not do it... sounded
very demanding.

just planting beans here and weeding today. looks
like another perfect day out there.