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On 6/5/2018 8:18 PM, songbird wrote:
Terry Coombs wrote:

* I saw your post where you said that bean seed looked weird , sprouted
then dried , etc . I have had that seed for a year or two and had never
even opened the envelope - I was surprised at the coloration . I never
really inspected the seed when I planted , just pushed them into the
ground with my thumb . I have just gone thru all my seeds , there's one
envelope of those beans , and I'm certain that there were two , gotten
from different people different years at the seed swap . The seed I
still have looks good , I suspect maybe you got the other package ... I
don't remember which came from where , can't even remember for sure what
all I sent .

it is fine, whatever doesn't grow will be replanted
eventually with something that will. i'm curious if
any of them at all will grow. so we'll see, within a
few days i should know something. already have many
other beans sprouted.

still planting others. will be for the next few
weeks as i get time and energy.

*** The greasy's are over the top of the trellis , kinda
thin but I reckon they'll bush out some .

did you see this pic?

the beans in the foreground are the greasy beans.

Tomatoes are all beginning to
blossom , got a bunch of the cutest little cucumbers , looks like a good
year .

glad to hear it. everything planted so far is doing
ok. perfect weather this week. i hope i can get things
planted before it starts to get too hot again. only
three more gardens to plant inside the fenced area and
then i can get back to the other gardens and get some
more fence up.

we'll see tomatoes starting in mid-August. cucumbers
will be a few weeks yet. fresh beans start at about mid-
July. strawberries are coming in now - i was worried
they were not very good but the recent improvement in
sunshine has brought them around.


* Well , here's hoping you get enough for a few beans to cook and some
for seed . I don't know how I'd manage with a growing season as short as
yours ... I also have big gaps in my row of those Mattie B. beans but I
think there are enough for a good test to see if we like them . Let me
know if yours fail , I'll send some fresh seed .

Yes , I'm old
and crochety .
Get off my lawn !