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Default Too Wet!

On 06/07/2018 12:27 PM, songbird wrote:
But I do also have dandelions. Since a weed is
agricultural discard, I tried some organic dandelion
greens from the store, thinking maybe I can turn
the table on these guys. And well, all I can say is
now I know why they are an agricultural discard.

did you cook them according to some recipe or just
eat them? i've not ever tried them. purslane i
have tried.

Ate them raw. They we beyond awful. A bad
aftertaste too. One of those things where you
put your tongue under the faucet.

My diet demands I eat about half cooked and
half raw veggies. I love raw spinach (cooked: YUK) and
lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes (both cooked
and raw), berries, etc..

It always breaks me heart when I come across a T2
diabetic that is committing slow suicide by not
kicking the carbs. It only took me about three weeks
to kick the addiction. I have never enjoyed food so
much in my life! I eat really, really well.

I am trying to pull out all the cheat grass before
their seeds fall off.

I reseeded my Korean radish yesterday. We shall see.
My reseeded Japanese onions I reseeded last week
haven't sprouted yet.

Death to Dandelions!
Death to Cheat Grass!