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Default TOT deterring pigeons

On 21/06/2018 19:28, SteveE wrote:
On Wed, 20 Jun 2018 22:58:36 +0100 (GMT+01:00)
Tim+ wrote:

alan_m Wrote in m
It seems that traditional methods not only work with crows!

A simpler method is to just stop feeding the birds seeds.

Like you we found that small birds are picky eaters and discard
90% on to the ground which then attracts pigeons.

We supply niger seeds, peanuts (in a cage) and fat balls and no
longer have a pigeon problem.

We still attract gold finches, sparrows, tits, nut hatches,
siskins, dunnocks and wood peckers.


We had niger seeds out until they started to go mouldy! Not one bird
seemed interested. Fat Balls seem to attract all birds and in our
garden aerial battles of squabbling starlings :-)

It's peanuts that tend to go mouldy in my garden. A guest speaker at a
Women's Institute meeting that my mother attended suggested that many of
the peanuts sold as bird food in the uk are too small and hard.

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