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Default How many of you have or have considered artificial grass?

On 10/07/2018 16:21, Roger Tonkin wrote:
In article ,

Hello everyone. I'm Mark. I've just joined an artificial grass company
and I'm looking to get real gardeners thoughts on artificial grass.

1. Would you ever consider having artificial grass installed in your own

I don't want to sell you anything. I'm just wanting to get some feedback
on the general feel of artificial grass in the gardening community. Do
you think it's that awful sharp butchers stuff from the 70s, or think
it's a useful tool for situations where a grass lawn is not appropriate
or even impossible to grown?

Any feedback would be great!

Many thanks

I would not have it, if I could not mow the lawn, i'd probably
get a gardener!

Brother-in-law in Liverpool has some, and I feel it just does
not look right, and cerainly does not feel right to walk on
(slightly slippery I thought). No idea who made it I'm afraid.

Saw some used in an awkward place, looked good except for the couch
grass growing through it