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Default Okay, something I can "actually" grow

On 07/18/2018 08:48 PM, Muggles wrote:
On 7/18/2018 7:45 PM, T wrote:
But they are not for eating.* They are for the heart.

My zeroscape front yard is covered with them.



Yes and in the traditional five pedal dicot pattern (not the
hybrid cotton ball that looks like a carnation). I must have
around 300 flowers in my front yard with varying vibrant colors.
Neighbors stop and look. I have gotten some nice remarks.

Weird. I have not watered my Holyhocks all summer. My back yard
zukes whine and wilt if they don't get watered every day.
They are quite pampered. (Wait till they find out what I am
going to do with their offspring. I wonder if they will
believe my story about taking them for a drive in the country
again this year. Chuckle.)

My back yard (all garden now) looks horrible with all the
cheat grass. It's the only weed I was not able to contain.
I found that when they are young, they succumb to vinegar,
so next year ...

I think I will get my first zucchini this week!