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Default The first of many

On 7/21/2018 10:52 PM, songbird wrote:
Terry Coombs wrote:
* There are now 6 quart jars of tomatoes from our garden cooling in the
kitchen . I did it all by myself - well , almost , I did use her notes
in the canning cook book -and didn't screw it up too bad . Next time
I'll be more careful to get all the trapped air out . From the looks of
the 'mater patch I can repeat this every few days for the foreseeable
future . We'll probably stop at 3 or 4 dozen jars , just have to see how
many we actually get . The thing is , demand will grow to meet supply in
this situation ...

it's very easy to process tomatoes. i'm not sure what
the issue is with "get all the trapped air out" because
you have to leave some head space at the top and that
is air. processing heats and expands that air out of
the jar and the lid seals and the vaccuum is created.
there is still some air in there, but not too much.


* There was air trapped down between the (quartered) tomatoes , one of
the jars isn't near full . And the instructions said to stir things
around in there to let it out - I didn't . They really are easy , but
this is the first time I've done it instead of the wife . She knows all
the tricks I'm learning ... but she has to work and wasn't here to help
.. And those 'maters needed cannin' right away .

Yes , I'm old
and crochety .
Get off my lawn !