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Default Growing two orchids in one pot?

On Tuesday, August 27, 2002 at 6:37:26 PM UTC-7, Katja Schulz wrote:
I am relatively new to orchid growing. I got a pink Phalaenopsis as a
present a couple of years ago, and when I got it to bloom a second
time, I got so excited that I bought another one, this one pure white
(also Phalaenopsis). Unfortunately, I don't know the species for

Both plants are currently finishing a flowering bout, and I am
thinking about doing my very first orchid repotting in a few weeks.
Would it be a terribly bad thing to put the two plants into one pot?
I like the idea of having their flowers in a display next to one
another (if I can make that happen again), and I am thinking of
getting a relatively large oval bowl that would hold both plants
comfortably on opposite sides. There would probably be some touching
of roots & competing for resources sooner or later, and I wonder if
maybe orchids are very bad at dealing with that sort of thing.

I would appreciate input from anybody who has had experience with
doublepotting. Thanks in advance.



I have been wondering about the same thing. I so not have much experience and they mentioned cross contamination of disease. But, if my plants are next together now, I don't see why they can't share the same soil in a big pot. That is what I'm going to try.