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Default why human civilization is based on the staples of wheat, rice,

Mon, 28 Oct 2002 09:41:11 -0600 Monique Reed wrote:

Read some archaeology. The civiliazations which developed agriculture

It is not good to start things off by "Read some...." for it indicates a
psychological hole on your part.

arose mostly in fertile plains, not in temperate forests. Also,
acorns must be processed to remove the tannins before they are
edible. Also, many oaks bear large crops only every other year.
Also, if you're trying to develop a stand of bearing oaks, it is going
to take multiple years vs. one with a grain crop.

Where is the next "also"?

But seriously, after I wrote the post last night I was struck by the idea
that human civilization is build around *annuals* and not *perennials*.

So I am wondering of the Energy Equations of annual plants versus
perennials and why human civilization is based upon annuals with
contributions by perennials. Seems to me at first glance that the Energy
Equations should have human civilization with staple crops based upon
perennials with annuals contributing.

If I can figure out the Energy Equation it may lead to some very
interesting conclusions. Such as that civilization not only on Earth but
throughout the Cosmos must be based upon annuals as staples and not
perennials as the staples of civilization.

So that any and every alien civilization that exists and is contacted, that
all will be based upon annual staples and never perennial staples.

Monique, have you ever eaten a Burr Oak acorn?

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