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Default Goji Berries: pretty picture

T wrote:
On 08/24/2018 07:26 PM, Muggles wrote:
On 8/22/2018 1:38 PM, T wrote:

They look yummy. What do they taste like?

Hi Maggie,

Weird! They taste Weird! Like a cross between watermelon
and molasses. Ever so faintly sweet.

You taste one and say "That was weird. Hmmm I think I will
try another one." They are habit forming.

They are also very good for your eyes. Their anthocyanin color
actually is anthocyanin.

I am reminded of the joke about valentine chocolates filled
with weird stuff: "What was that? Hmm... Tastes like toothpaste.
I think I will have another one to clear out the taste."

hahaha, i like watermelon and i like molasses so
sounds ok to me.

they look like they're doing ok.