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Default Tree Cauterization

replying to Solid, Southfloridafarmer wrote:
'Solid' is on the right track! I am an avid gardener and I will say that IF
DONE CORRECTLY cauterization is the way to go. The correct way to do it? You
still use the blowtorch BUT NOT THE WAY YOU THINK: For cuts less than 2" in
diameter, get either a thick metal knife, spoon, or any piece of metal that's
like 2"X 2" (something you don't mind getting ugly) and hold it with some long
plyers under till it gets real hot and hold it directly into the cut end.
Practice on a scrap cutting or two before you do the trees wound.

If you have a bigger diameter tree to cut then get a cast iron pan and set up
a grill near the tree and get it real hot. Use two sets of oven mitts to pick
it up and use it.

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