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Default all through the house...

If I understand correctly, mousies are stirring in–though not all
through–the house.

recently trapped 16 mices and 1 northern short tailed
shrew from around the foundation outside the house. no
chewing noises since then. alas, still not sure where
they are getting in, will likely have to scope that to
find it when the weather gets warmer.

As a rule, I'd be well into the gardening year:
Picking "Little Marvel" little green garden peas, cropping mustard
turnip and spinach "greens", admiring the progress of two or three
varieties of carrots and anticipating transplanting onions next month.
Unfortunately, I enjoyed mild cerebellar stroke in early August which
has rendered my body's left side "notional", as my wife describes it,
making tool use highly problemmatical and learning to walk again a real
adventure. February or early March generally is starting time for
spring-summer "warm season" veggies and maybe by then the old body will
be a little more cooperative.

there's 3-4 more months here before i'll be doing much
outside other than shovelling when it comes down enough.
my leg is still healing - it is now in the slightly acheing
and itchy healing stage. i went through this with my arm
too. i just hope to not have any slips or falls that
wrench it.

be careful down there. i know what it is like to face-
plant into the edge of a wheelbarrow or the many other
wonders of clutzyness. tripping on hoses seems to also
be a thing - one uncle did that last fall and broke his
arm - another uncle fell on the way to the doctors
office and broke both of his arms plus a nasty head

i won't get into the other long stories of family
and friends lately - it's been almost a constant circus.

the phone company says it might have our line fixed by
this afternoon, etc.

sorting beans in bed may be safe, maybe...

merry hohoho,