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Default all through the house...

Drew Lawson wrote:
songbird writes:
it smells like cookies again.

Ours just smells like ham. Between weight (me) and diabetes (wife),
we don't make many cookies anymore.

i've cut back on a lot of sugar the past few
years and feel a lot better for it too.

just can't keep Mom from baking...

i guess the veggie gardens and other
edibles are mostly sleeping for the winter?

Mine is in stealth mode. I have seed catalogs, and need to get my
orders figured out. I start the tomato seeds in February, so the
time is getting close. I need to remember not to start other things
that soon. Last year, my basil was beautiful a month before last
frost, but barely alive by planting time (planting thyme?).

First indecisive choice -- bush or pole green beans?

how long of a season do you have? pole beans tend to
run later and longer. and do you have a place for them
to climb?

i was told this morning that i need to grow white navy
beans. yuck. lol but yep, i'll grow some for next year.

If I get spring under control this year, I hope to have a better
year. Last year, I procrastinated, and the weeds got ahead of me.

if you can find chunks of cardboard to smother them with
that can help keep things easier.