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Default Hyacinths as indoor plants

"Charlie Pridham" wrote in message
On 28/12/2018 14:39, Stewart Robert Hinsley wrote:
I had some hyacinths in my garden for many years, but they weren't thriving, so I
potted them up and have been treating them as winter house plants (pots stood outside
over summer).

The problem I have with them as house plants is that the leaves and flowering stems
tend to flop over. Does anyone have any relevant experience and advice?

They always flop for me, inside and out! I asked a professional Dutch parks gardener how
to stop them doing it (having noticed they all look upright in the Dutch displays) he
told me that they push wires down through the flower stems, but as that destroys the
bulb its not really a viable method unless you are treating them as annuals!!

The head gardeners trick is to use a thin pointed green cane pushed into
the flesh of the bulb to just below the bottom florets, then tied to the
flower stem with thin green twine. This does minimal damage to the bulb
and is quite unobtrusive.


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