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On 30 Dec 2018 16:42, Roger Tonkin wrote:
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On 29 Dec 2018 11:49, Roger Tonkin wrote:
I've grown some sprouts this year for the first time since
moving house, and the results very disappointing.

Plants are quite tall, and as the sprouts develop, they do not
form a tight sprout, but burst open and form just tiny leaves.

I know they are not in an idea bed, it is narrow and surrounded
on three sides by fences or walls and facing east only gets sun
until about 10.00am. I'm not sure about the soil, it has not
been used for a number of years, being I think a lawn of sorts.

Just wondering why they seem to grow as normal until the
important time!

What's the soil type? Variety?

Soil is a mixture of a typical brown soil, with so reddish more
clay like bits put in by the landscape gardener as topsoil! Or
it could be the other way round.

No idea of the variety, had a disaster in the summer when the
storage box blew open in a gale and all the seed packets got
wet - so I chucked the seeds on the compost and the packets in
the recycling bin.


Possibly too much nitrogen and soil too loose as others have said. Our
clay/silt packs down to concrete with rain and sun so I never have to
concern myself with treading the young plants in, it happens anyway.

If it's too much nitrogen, would the occasional 'feed' with Epsom Salts