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Default finally some snow in the forecast

On Wednesday, January 16, 2019 at 10:01:49 AM UTC-5, songbird wrote:
today starts off with some ice coating everything,
the trees, rocks and ... all sparkling in the sun
and wind.

still no snow on the ground, but later this week
we finally have some snow coming. i sure hope so -
never really know until it gets here on the ground.
i hate going into this part of winter without some
snow cover.

otherwise, it has been mostly cloudy too often
and not much sun. maybe ten days since September
have had sunshine. it doesn't really bother me
as much as some others.

also starting to try to get out to walk more
often when the weather permits - i need to build up
my endurance now that my achilles tendon has had
some time to heal. i won't be going until later
after the ice melts off the roads.

in the meantime i'm keeping busy enough with
projects and stuff[tm]. i have a book to work
through coming that should keep me busy for
several weeks.


We had our first snow cover of the season last Sunday; only about 2-3 inches but I had to shovel a path to the greenhouse for my wife. They're predicting a deep freeze this weekend, with overnight lows in the single digits, then warming up again next week.

North of Baltimore, Maryland